Become An Exhibitor Medford

Saturday May 5th 2018


What's in it for you? Face to Face exposure with the largest and wealthiest demographic on the planet. More than that, did you know that by the year 2020, 1 out of 5 Oregon residents will be 65 or older.  Whether or not 50+/Boomers/Seniors are your majority customer now, over the next few years just by sheer numbers there is a good chance they will be.  A great way to insure that your company secures as much Boomer business as it can, is to participate in The BOOMERAMA 50+ Health & Age Less Living Expo.  BOOMERAMA is a one of a kind unparalleled live marketing opportunity designed to jump start sales, win "new" and "loyal" customers, while boosting your companies profits for years to come. 

All in one place and all in one day, you can take part in this unique sales platform designed to position your company as a solution for the needs of this rapidly growing 50+/Boomer and beyond demographic.
Save time and valuable resources by engaging this target market one-on-one in a relaxed, face to face environment free from daily interruptions. Only here can you interact with 750-1500 (depending upon city)50+/Boomers and their families in only one day.


*Here are just a few interesting Boomer related marketing facts to keep in mind:

*Boomers spend $157 Billion on trips every year.

*Boomers own 80% of all money in savings and loans associations, while controlling 70%       of the total net worth of American Households. (This equates to $7 Trillion in wealth!)

*This demographic (and older Americans) own 63% of US financial assets.

*​Boomers are 73% more likely to have financial investments exceeding their younger, less           wealthy counterparts.

*These investments hold 197% greater estimated value than any other age group.

*Older Americans (Age 50+) account for 60% of all consumer expenditures, with only             10% of total marketing dollars directed towards this demographic providing a huge opportunity to market and reach this particular age group.



Corner Exhibitor Booth $599.00


Any booth on an end cap. One side of the booth is exposed to the aisle (Prime Location). Pricing is all inclusive. (see below)

501(C)(3) Non-Profit Booth $349.00


All applicants must present verification of 501(3)(c) business registration. Above price good for "inline" booths only. Add $100.00 (total $449.00) to upgrade to a premium corner booth. Pricing is all inclusive.(see below)


In-Line Exhibitor Booth $499.00


In-Line Exhibitor Booths are all booths located within the rows of the exhibit floor. Pricing is all inclusive.  (see below)

Booth cost includes: Carpet, Electricity, 1 Table, 2 Chairs, WIFI, Water Service, Company Sign, 8 ft. Pipe and Drape. The exhibitor will not be subject to any additional decorator costs (unless an "above and beyond" accommodation is required, charged on a case by case basis)




Standard Payment Plan


50% Deposit due within 10 business days of signing of exhibitor contract. Remaining 50% due 30 days prior to expo.


Multi Show Discount


When exhibiting in multiple show locations, exhibitor may subtract $50 off each 10x10 booth space. This offer may combine with other applicable discounts for a larger savings.



Pay In Full Discount


Pay in full at the time of signing exhibitor contract and receive a 10% discount off total booth(s) cost. (501(c)(3) exhibitors may receive a 5% discount). Exhibitor may include this offer with multi show or any other applicable discount for a larger savings.

   "Don't wait, Save time and money by safely & Securely Reserving your Booth/Sponsorship online today. (See payment options for details).